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QA at its finest

High quality in our products is a real priority for us. In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly improving quality assurance in all areas of the company.

01QA does not mean to measure at the end

QA does not mean to measure at the end

Quality assurance starts at the beginning of the work process, specifically during the development. From the very beginning, an FMEA analysis and systematic planning puts the project on track. We don't do TRY & ERROR.

02Our measuring techniques: Perfect!

Our measuring techniques: Perfect!

Our QA team is equipped with the latest measuring technologies to ensure that components maintain a constant quality even in very high quantities. This way, even complex parts and difficult tolerances are always under control. This reassures us and our customers.

03Everything is documented in the CAQ system

Everything is documented in the CAQ system

All processes, all quality data and all measurement data end up in our CAQ system.

This means for our customers: Transparent and conclusive documentation from development to production.