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Runs smoothly

For us, development begins with consultation. How can the customer’s idea be realised in terms of plastics technology? Which material is the right one? How must the tool be constructed? The whole development process is based on one thing: our many years of know-how.


We are tinkerers.

We construct according to the plastic and the desired area of application. By optimising the fundamental construction, the full potential of your product can be captured and realised.


Theory & Practice

A filling simulation and warpage calculation is carried out for each new plastic part. Insights that once again flow into the construction. Then follows an optimisation to ensure one hundred percent quality.

With the construction of the prototype, we are a giant step closer to serial production.

Klaus Span
Klaus Span
Development and Sales Manager
It is impressive how the Brandauer company has grown. I have been part of this success story for over 15 years and that makes me proud.